How to Pay Me Less Money for a Patent Application

The cost driver for any patent application is the attorney’s fees associated with preparing the application.  For individuals and companies alike, money can be saved by giving the patent attorney a well written detailed disclosure of the invention.  Otherwise, the attorney is forced to draw out the details of the invention through a series of meetings, calls, or emails.  Minutes turn into hours, driving up the cost of the application. 

The inventor typically has a much better understanding of the invention than the patent attorney and is better suited to taking a first crack at a detailed description.  The description should be supported with drawings, even if crude, that will allow the attorney to understand the essence of the invention without asking many additional questions.  The fewer questions the patent attorney must ask, the lower the bill will be for the patent application.

For additional suggestions about how to save money on a patent application, see Mark Bergner’s suggestions on PatentlyO.  While Bergner’s suggestions are geared toward the independent inventor, the tips apply equally as well to corporations looking to cut the cost of filing patent applications in these tough economic times. 

This is particularly true when it is difficult for the patent attorney to reach busy inventors within the corporation.  Providing a detailed description up front may eliminate the need for subsequent communications with the inventor and can lead to a more timely filing of the patent application.

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